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no more pipelines: stop line 3


 Monday 4/19 

How would you like a pipeline in your front yard?

For many years, indigenous sovereignty and treaty rights have been trampled on for the building of fossil fuel pipelines. Indigenous communities continue to be attacked. Their voices ignored, their health, livelihoods, and environments destroyed - all to increase the profits of corporations. 

Learn more at

Add your voice to the Export Ban Petition

#NoMorePipelines #BanFossilFuelExports #HonorTheTreaties #StopLine3

gulf south for a green new deal texas

 Tuesday 4/20 

Gulf South for a Green New Deal (#GulfSouth4GND) is a regional formation of more than 200 organizations advancing long-existing work towards climate, racial, and economic justice in five states across the Gulf South: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida.​


Texas 2021 policy priorities include:

  • Advance Tribal Sovereignty

  • State-wide fracking ban

  • Language access initiative to ensure state-level democratic participation is accessible across lines of language and ability


Gulf South for a Green New Deal

Texas for a Green New Deal

#GulfSouth4GND #TX4GND

houston for climate action

 Wednesday 4/21 

We demand that local authorities #DeclareAClimateEmergency It is long past time to declare a climate emergency. With three 500 year storms in three years and the devastation of #WinterStormUri, Houston is on the front lines of the climate crisis. It’s time out officials acted like it.

#DeclareAClimateEmergency #WinterStormUri

houston climate action plan

 Thursday 4/22 

The Houston Climate Action Plan (HCAP) is a great first step, but it’s far from enough. As time has passed, we have seen that the community has & continues to have little to no say on the HCAP, major concerns of the community are not addressed and there is no mechanism for measurement or plan against which to measure progress. On top of this, HCAP has pennies of funding compared to other offices. The Climate Crisis is the single biggest threat to Houston & our city officials need to act like it and fund  HCAP. Instead, the city accepted $2 million dollars in PR money from BP, a payment that will surely pay off in BP leverage over the mayor and city council. We demand that Houston fund HCAP with the resources the project requires and return BP’s money. If it matters to you (and it should), increase the budget!

shame on fossil fuels: expose green washing

 Friday 4/23 

Fossil fuel companies see the writing on the wall. They know they can’t stay silent. Instead of pivoting their business models away from fossil fuels and petroleum-based plastics, these companies are buying a few electric vehicles, investing in “carbon-capture” technology and millions on PR so they can keep their climate & future destroying activities going.
We are here to pull the veil back. These green washing efforts need to be exposed for the PR stunts they are. #ESG and #CSR two key terms in industry made to show how good these companies are.

Transition to a Green Economy

 Saturday 4/24 

Oil and oil services companies have been slashing more and more jobs in recent years and that trend isn't going to turn around. At the same time green energy jobs are one of the fastest growing sectors.

All of this is happening because the market recognizes that oil and gas not the future, green energy is.

Learn about Who's really killing Houston's oil jobs?

Stop the Money Pipeline

 Sunday 4/25 

Our house is on fire. It's time to stop paying the arsonists.

Do you bank or purchase insurance from a climate destroyer? When you do business with the country's worst offenders, you're helping support a pipeline of money that funds fossil fuels, pollution, and rainforest destruction. Pledge to move your money to take a stand against Wall Street and climate destroyers.

Move your money now

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