upcoming events

First and Third Wednesdays

6:30 pm CST via Zoom

Join XR Houston for our bi-monthly general meeting open to members and the general public. At general meetings, we discuss topics of interest, highlight ongoing work and ways to get involved, and keep up to date on Climate Justice news and happenings in our area.  

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Final Meeting July 9, 2020

7-8:15 pm CST via Zoom

Building camaraderie and deepening our roots, join XR Houston every Thursday night as we read Lisa Fithian's Shut It Down: Stories From A Fierce And Loving Resistance. The book is "a veteran activist’s guide to direct action and strategic civil disobedience as the most radical and rapid means to social change." 

XR Houston

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Every Thursday Morning

11:30 am CST via Zoom

weekly guided meditation

Staying grounded and centered in the body is a vital skill needed for adapting to the changes happening in our world and building resilience. Join XR Houston's Regen Group for a weekly 45 minute guided mindfulness meditation. No registration required, welcome to all. 

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Kickoff July 6, 2020

Three Week Digital Campaign

On July 6, Extinction Rebellion NYC is kicking off 3 weeks of rebellious digital-art-making against Microsoft, Amazon and Google for their massive deals with Big Oil (keep it in the ground!). Standing with the 10,000+ workers who have demanded their employers close these contracts, we ask all tech users to show solidarity through a petition at BigTechLovesBigOil.com, and then storm the Internet with memes, videos, and funny art that builds awareness of just how much Big Tech loves Big Oil.

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Sunday July 5, 2020

2-4:00 pm CST via Zoom

XR NYC invites you to take this opportunity to cultivate stillness and express what arises. Lisa Freedman will lead this meditation and poetry workshop. The workshop will start with a short meditation, read a poem as prompt, and then free write and share writings (optional), listening closely to each other. No meditation or writing experience is required.

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