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our house is on fire. it's time to stop paying the arsonists. 

Take action

As part of Earth Day Live, Extinction Rebellion Houston is joining the national climate strike coalition in a massive online push against the largest funders of fossil fuels and deforestation.

Do you bank or purchase insurance from a climate destroyer? When you do business with the country's worst offenders, you're helping support a pipeline of money that funds fossil fuels, pollution, and rainforest destruction. Pledge to move your money to take a stand against Wall Street and climate destroyers.

Wall Street's Worst Offenders:

  • JPMorgan Chase

  • Blackrock

  • Liberty Mutual

  • Wells Fargo

  • CitiBank

Where should I Bank?

Credit Unions 

There are also hundreds of local credit unions all across the country. Credit unions are local, and non-for-profit. They are light years ahead of the Wall Street planet wreckers. Find a credit union here

Black, Indigenous and People of Color-Owned Banks

There are also a large number of Black, Indigenous and People of Color-owned banks that make for a great alternative to the megabanks.

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